Fun Days Childminding Service

Andrea's Childminding Service Blackpool

Actvites & Outings

We enjoy lots of different activities and outings now lined to the EYFS x7 areas of learning and development.

This is a short list of my continual provisions of Equipment & Toys;

  • Songs, Rhymes and Musical Instruments
  • Small World Play, Dolls House, Cars, Farms etc
  • Role Play, Dressing up, Dr. Kit, Home Corner, Office, Shop etc
  • Mark Making, Painting,Stamps, Chalk etc
  • Book Corner and Circle Time
  • Small and Large Construction                  
  • Table Top Games
  • Sensory & Visual
  • Soft Toys and Dolls, Puppets
  • Movie Time
  • Pet Care


We are lucky that my setting is close to lots of different attractions;

  • Lots of local Parks & Playing Fields
  • Stanley Park and Boating Lake
  • Thingamajigzs
  • Mad Hatters
  • Planet Kao's
  • Farmer Parr's
  • Local Children Centers Drop-In